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A Comprehensive Range of Managed Network Security Services.

Let us take full responsibility of your network security.

We continue to provide a comprehensive range of managed network security services and solutions to guard your IT assets from the latest security vulnerabilities and internet attacks – helping you to achieve regulatory and accreditation compliance.

Our dedicated network security team will improve your existing internal IT security by introducing a series of efficient processes and service elements.


Network security services overview.

Network security audit.

Network penetration testing and security auditing services designed to prevent future network intrusion by identifying and exploiting any potential security vulnerabilities.  Every crucial element of your IT infrastructure is tested, from hardware and applications to databases and processes.

Our team will provide a detailed risk report, together with strategic guidance and ongoing consultancy. We will help you enhance business continuity by applying an unparalleled level of network security.

Managed firewall services.

Expert complex firewall management and monitoring services, providing 24 hour remote monitoring of multi-vendor firewall platforms:

  • Expert installation and configuration
  • Ongoing administration and management
  • Ongoing maintenance (software updates, patches, testing)

Web access control.

Secure web gateway services for controlling internal web usage.

  • URL filtering – block access to websites and applications deemed to be ‘high-risk’
  • Benefit from real-time automated cloud-based updates that block access to millions of websites containing potential security threats
  • Application control – blocking the usage of dangerous apps
  • Anti-virus signatures updated from the cloud
  • Prevention of malware infection by utilising multi-layered security

Network intrusion detection and prevention.

Real-time security intelligence. A comprehensive network intrusion prevention system – providing 24/7 network and server protection against unauthorised login and hacking attempts.  Monitor and respond to unauthorised access activities and demonstrate company regulatory compliance.

Cure Your network security headache today.

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